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Hi, I’m Catharine!

And I'm happy to help you start using your language skills to make money!

I’m going to tell you a little secret… 

I’ve never held a full-time job.

It’s true. I did mission work in Mexico after university and volunteered as an English teacher, translator and interpreter. In 2007, my twin daughters were about to turn two and I was pregnant with my son. We needed extra money and I wanted to put my language skills to work, but I didn’t know where to start looking for jobs. Sound familiar? A neighbor told me that an agency was looking for translators, but I said ‘no’ at first because I thought I needed to have a degree in translation to get my first paid job. I was wrong. My first big step in this journey was simply believing I could do it.

After that first step, I took another, and then another! Today, I run my own business with over 200 clients throughout North America and Europe. I’m a certified Spanish-to-English translator, and I have steady work as a medical interpreter and bilingual editor. I even translate TV scripts for major streaming services! And can I do it all from home.

Taking that first step changed my life.

Step by step, I learned to grow my skills and my business. It wasn’t always easy, and it took WAAAYY longer than it needed to because honestly, I didn’t have a plan or anyone to guide me on which steps came next.

And that’s exactly what Bilingual Success is all about.

If you’re ready to put your language skills to work, I can help you get started, and guide you every step of the way. Having a clear path forward means you can start earning more in less time, because I won’t let you make the same mistakes I did.

Where does this path lead? To freedom. Freedom to work from home, or from the café. Freedom to travel without having to ask anyone for time off. Freedom to develop a professional identity and take care of your family. Freedom to earn your own money and save for your retirement.

Today I still work part-time but earn full-time. It’s enough to support my family, travel, and pay for extras, debt-free. I was even able to homeschool my kids in a bilingual environment. How about you? Are you ready to take your first steps to success?

Learn how to make money translating
from the comfort of your home!

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