Finding Time to Upgrade Your Skills When You’re Already Busy

Are you struggling to find time to upgrade your skills? Does it seem like you’re dealing with constant interruptions or competing demands on your time? You already know that adding new skills or new services means more money. But if you’re trying to run a business and take care of everyone else, you need a plan.

How to find time to upgrade your skills:

  1. 2-Day Audit. First, take a good look at how you’re currently spending your time. Over the next two days, block all of your waking hours into your calendar. Include everything (meal prep, school drop-off, time on social media, etc.). Next, color-code it into just two categories: busy, and less busy (ha!). For example, in my calendar, it looks like I have some free time early in the morning before taking my twins to school, an hour before supper prep, and half an hour before we turn off screens.
  2. 10-Minute Brain Dump. Next, it’s time to get all those ideas out of your head and onto paper. Which new skill should you focus on first? Set a timer for 10 minutes and write down everything that’s been floating around your brain. Write down the skills you need to learn, and the things you’d like to learn, in no particular order. Which skills would earn you more money fastest? Which skills will make you more productive? Do you need to practice working with new tech? Do you need to learn how to batch your emails? Or make notes in a PDF document? Write down all the skills you’d like to upgrade.
  3. 2-Minute Prioritizing. Next, take two minutes to prioritize, based on the ultimate goal that you set for the quarter, the month, or the week. Is it raising your income? Using your time more productively? Which new skill will earn you the most money the fastest? Is it warm e-mail marketing? Learning to contact potential clients on LinkedIn? Practicing your B or C language? First, code all the skills in your list by A (must learn), B (would like to learn), or C (would be great to learn, but not urgent). I often prioritize activities that won’t make any impact on my business, wasting large chunks of time.
  4. 15-Minute Block. Finally, choose one block in your day as your New Skill Block. Write it into your schedule and commit to it. Break it down into steps and specific goals. A goal without a plan is just a wish. Make it real, one step at a time.
  5. Once you’ve learned your new skill, reward yourself! Add the skill to your resume and LinkedIn so you can start reaping the benefits.

Finding time to learn new skills is hard, especially when there are so many competing demands for your time. Follow these 5 steps to stop feeling overwhelmed and start making progress on your new skills. Check out our Guided Planning Session to supercharge your productivity!

Schedule the time to upgrade your skills and increase your income!
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